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Learning Opportunities with LinkedIn Learning

We are excited to announce that the Faculty of Education has subscribed to LinkedIn Learning for our staff to access 17,000+ online training content to support their professional development and lifelong learning. LinkedIn Learning provides on-demand online courses across academic disciplines and topics that could supplement our Faculty’s curriculum, such as curriculum development, instructional design, educational technology, and e-learning. It also covers a wide variety of topics, such as productivity software, programming, entrepreneurship, design, etc., to allow us to develop lifelong learning. In addition, LinkedIn Learning brings benefits to teachers, and faculty staff, including:  keeping them current on knowledge, skills, and technology  allowing them to track their individual training progress inspiring them to be more effective and productive enabling them to learn at their own pace—anytime, anywhere providing certificates of completion offering personal and professional development Access LinkedIn Learning 1. The activation link will be sent via email only.  2. Use your HKU portal account to access the LinkedIn Learning platform. 3. Accept the terms for “Consent Needed for Personal Data Transfer” (First-time Login). 4. Search for the courses and enjoy the learning journey. FAQ Q: How can I get the most out of LinkedIn Learning? A: As these online courses are broken into bite-size tutorials (each 5-15 minutes long), users can select whichever topic they wish to learn instead of taking the entire course. LinkedIn Learning also provides closed captioning (subtitles) and searchable, time-coded transcripts, making it easy for learners to follow through with the content of the entire video. Set aside time every week for online training Visit LinkedIn Learning regularly for a listing of new and updated courses Watch the welcome video of a course to check out its training content Use bookmarks to indicate favourite videos or courses Create and share course collections Download exercise files and practice applying knowledge as you go Q: Am I required to create a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn learning? A: No! While creating or linking a LinkedIn account is an option for using LinkedIn Learning, the SSO will allow the current HKU Faculty of Education users to access LinkedIn Learning without having a LinkedIn account. Q: What is the benefit of creating or linking a LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning? A: By creating a new account or linking an existing LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning, you will automatically receive credit for your completed courses right in your LinkedIn profile. In addition, when you leave the Faculty of Education of Hong Kong, any work you have completed in LinkedIn Learning will follow you in your LinkedIn profile. If you choose not to link your accounts, the SSO does not allow you to carry your LinkedIn Learning course info with you after you leave the HKU Faculty of Education. Q: How to add Learning Certificates of Completion and Skills to my LinkedIn Profile? A: LinkedIn Learning allows you to learn what you want when you want. You can add records of any LinkedIn Learning courses you have completed to your profile so that prospective employers can see some of the skills you have acquired. When you complete a course or learning path on

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Online Teaching and Learning Resources (Feb 2022)

The COVID-19 has resulted in campus closure and forced schools and universities around the world to adopt online learning. To support teachers facing this sudden shift away from the classroom teaching, Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) published a Quick Start Guide for teachers to prepare their e-learning materials.

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Get Started with Perusall (Teacher)

Perusall is a social annotation tool that integrates with Moodle. Perusall allows students and teachers to collaboratively mark up documents, videos. Instead of reading a document isolated, Perusall brings the social discussion to the text.

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Quick Tips for Mentimeter

Now a campus license for academic staff and students to use Mentimeter for facilitating work and study is available. With login via an HKU account, you can unlock all pro features on Mentimeter.

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