Blended Synchronous Teaching & Learning (BSTL)


BSTLDr Sam Chu’s Blended Synchronous Teaching and Learning (BSTL) project is supported under the Dean’s Innovation Fund. BSTL tries to implement a new pedagogy, which means a mix of face-to-face classes and online classes using media rich technologies (Bower, Kenney, Dalgarno,  Lee, & Lee, 2013; Szeto, 2014, 2015).


The project addresses the following problems facing students in our faculty currently:

  1. Many students give up their wish to go overseas for academic exchange because there are certain courses that they cannot take when they are overseas. Those who are determined to go for exchange may need to extend their study for one semester or even a year.
  2. For students taking classes in Hong Kong, sometimes for various reasons, they are not able to attend some classes physically due to ill health or an injury.
  3. Some students have to miss certain classes due to a conflict of class time with some other important activities such as an internship or job interview.

This project can help solve all these issues by expanding the “learning spaces” through an implementation of the BSTL. Since BSTL will enable more students to go overseas for academic exchange, it helps increase “the internationalization of the learning experiences of our students”.

With the collaboration of the Learning Environment Services (LES), audio-visual system vendor, the Faculty IT Team and our e-Learning Team, the building work of a BSTL lab at Meng Wah Complex room 413 (MW413) was completed in March 2016 implementing the BSTL pedagogy in a Faculty classroom.

Faculty Member

MLIM6202 teachers and students piloted use of the video recording/broadcasting services in the 2016-17 academic year.  Courses including BSIM4011, BSIM4020, etc. are now trying out the same pedagogical models from the BSIM programme.

E-learning Services

  • Promoting Innovative Pedagogical Models
  • Providing Consultation Services
  • Supporting Project Development and Implementation
  • Developing Faculty e-Learning Capabilities