Diastemas Portal


The Diastemas portal is a social media driven learning platform developed as a joint-collaboration between the University of British Columbia (UBC) and HKU. The first platform was developed and initiated in Dentistry. A redesign was undertaken by HKU’s Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) and further refined by our e-Learning Team. We enhanced the application by consolidating the backend database connection, improving the graphical user interface (GUI), and enabling a MP4 video upload function.


The Diastemas portal is a web platform designed to allow international student collaboration through their participation in peer review of shared assignment tasks. The main aim of the project is to open up free dialogue between the students allowing them to learn and grow from each other.


Faculty Member

In 2016-17, BBED4001 undergraduate students piloted Diastemas for peer review of their Ideal School Project.  The winning group of students visited the Lund University in January 2017. See also the article in the CETL Newsletter.

E-learning Services

  • Supporting Project Development and Implementation
  • Developing Faculty e-Learning Capabilities