eCurriculum Map


A curriculum map presents all aspects of the curriculum.  An eCurriculum Map system was launched in the Faculty of Medicine years ago.  Our Faculty of Education is allowed to deploy the same application serving our educational curriculum and therefore an eCurriculum Map system is deployed at


The eCurriculum Map system is an electronic representation of the relationship between university aims and programme level outcomes, and how these elements are incorporated into different courses offering to our students.  Engaging the eCurriculum Map system, faculty and learners establish learning destinations and waypoints, plot courses for learning, create personalized alternative routes, reflect on their journeys and renew future teaching and learning plans.

To date, we have launched eCurriculum maps for two programmes in the Faculty:

The application allow keyword searching across courses within each programme available in the whole Faculty.  We will extend our efforts and create eCurriculum maps for the rest of our programmes in the near future.

Faculty Member

All Faculty staff and students can access their programme’s eCurriculum map through their HKUPortal account.

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