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Experiential Learning is an initiative which aims to take our students outside the classroom and into the community, enabling personal and professional growth and development in combination with social engagement. The Experiential Learning may take various forms, including overseas immersions, exchange studies, service learning trips and internship opportunities. All activities aim at enhancing students understanding of real-world environments, expand their capacity to integrate theory and practice, and broaden their global outlook. The Experiential Learning team wished to have a website which could outlines the Facultys Experiential Learning programmes and the exciting opportunities it presents.


When it comes to actually building the site, we have a few specific recommendations.

Website Should be Always Accessible

A reliable web hosting is important, In this case, we used the the self-hosted version of WordPress, hosting on the The University of Hong Kong’s ITS Cloud Services (http://itscloud.hku.hk). So that we can focus on the design and software programming for the website instead of worry about hardware maintains. When there are new a Experiential Learning opportunities available for students, the Experiential Learning website is always accessible to students 24 hours. It provides them with the convenience of submitting application anywhere, anytime even when the Experiential Learning office is closed, and that is why a 24X7X365 reliable web hosting is the foundation of a good web site.


A design theme is the foundation for a WordPress website. Literally thousands of free themes are available online. Our Multimedia Developer however can provide the best custom designed theme which best fits the purpose. In this case, we choose to use the Minamaze theme because it is one of the simplest yet highly versatile theme. It gave us the freedom to add tons of customised features.


WordPress Theme

Fonts and Graphics Design

Custom fonts and professional graphics design is the key to make a website not only stand out, but look professional. Our team can design the graphics, fonts and layouts based on the vision and purpose of the website. For instance the work on the Sharing Corner”: we used “speaking bubble as the basic design element for the page and wrote a custom input function to let the web administrator add or edit the content without worry about any layout or graphical issue.


Sharing Corner

Customised Functions

Our team can help you fully utilise the potential of online platforms by implementing plugins and even customised PHP programs. A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a e.g. a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features. Ir there are no existing plugins to help with what you need, the E-learning team can choose to write it for you.

Faculty Member

Experiential Learning (EL) team.

E-learning Services

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