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Should education only be limited to classrooms, books, or video demonstrations? We believe not. The Faculty of Education has established a raft of Experiential Learning (EL) projects with local and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other community partners. Students from all disciplines participate in the PGDE EL block to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world environments.  Some examples include conducting English language teaching and cultural activities in India, designing teaching materials and delivering talks and information sessions for UNICEF (HK),  as well as collaborating with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to develop STEM workshops for local students.


Fig 1. Concept of a teacher

Our students have returned from the EL block and are eager to share what they have learned and how their experiences have broadened their understanding of what makes an effective teacher. The Concept of a Teacher underpins the PGDE programme and can be seen in Fig 1. The e-Learning Team worked with the EL Team to produce a video that aims to capture the students’ thoughts and reflections on their individual projects.


A great script is the key to a video’s success. We invited the faculty and students to prepare a short monologue to express their own thoughts on the EL Internship project.

Video Studio (CPD-2.73): Perfect environment for professional video-recording

Video Studio (CPD-2.73): Perfect environment for professional video-recording

Once the script was ready, and with the help of the IT-Technician (Audio Visual) and Learning Environment Services, we started our shooting in the Video Studio (CPD-2.73), which is the perfect environment for professional video-recording. We shot the students and the EL team members in front of the green screen, so that we could replace the background with other graphical elements.

Video editing by our Multimedia Developer

Video editing by our Multimedia Developer

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