Flipped Classrooms for Chinese Philosophy on Education


Chinese Philosophy is not an easy topic to understand so students usually take more time to reflect on the core concepts to develop a better understanding. However, time is the most precious resource inside the classroom. How can we make the most out of the face-to-face time without sacrificing the opportunity for deeper reflection on the core concepts?


Good teaching and designing of learning experiences can always help you learn better. Therefore, to enhance students’ learning experience, the E-Learning team worked with Dr. Li Jun to implement the ‘flipped’ (also referred to as ‘inverted’) classroom to teach Chinese Philosophy on Education.  We helped Dr. Li to record two videos to introduce the basic concepts of Chinese Philosophy on Education and Chinese Philosophy on Teaching and Learning XueJi.  So, the students can now watch the videos as many times as they need. Students can “pause” their teacher, “rewind” their teacher, and make sure they learn the important concepts.

Short quizzes are one of the effective tools to motivate students to watch the videos before the lesson. Dr Li prepared a few questions to help students to reflect on the core concepts after watching the videos. When students came back to the classroom, they were ready to participate into the activities such as small-group discussions, which support a deeper level of comprehension and understanding of the subject.

Chinese Philosophy is gaining greater global attention and so the demand for quality learning resources is higher. Our team has helped Dr. Li in the entire video design and production process to online sharing with the world. This is practicing what he preaches as one of the concepts of Chinese Philosophy on Education is “education should not have discrimination” (有教無類). Moreover, Dr Li’s video are being shared with our Universitas 21 partners for wider international dissemination and impact.

Dr. Li Jun and the E-Learning Team

Dr. Li Jun and the E-Learning Team

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