Blended Learning Idea: Remote Teaching + Lecture Capture

More and more teachers are looking for blended learning solutions to connect and engage students. The e-Learning Team aims to support your use of a range of educational technologies.

Some current Faculty of Education uses of video and live streaming for blended learning:

The primary goal of blended learning approaches is to break the physical barrier and provide a more flexible learning experience for your students. The following is a case of how we support remote teaching and lecture capture.


An overseas lecturer, Dr. Babak Amiri, has been invited to teach the two courses. However, he would only be able to teach face-to-face in the first 6 lessons, after that, he will be out of Hong Kong for the remaining lessons.


Many teachers are familiar with Skype, using it outside of the classroom to keep in touch with friends and family at distance. Skype is now also an everyday tool in the classroom tech repertoire of educators working with students all over the world. In this project, we connect Dr. Babak Amiri from overseas to our local students in the classroom with Skype. Our team provides technical support in the classroom during the lesson to make sure the teacher and our students have a smooth lesson

We also use Panopto to capture the whole lesson. The video will be uploaded onto Panopto, an integrated platform on Moodle where only staff and students holding a valid HKU Portal account with relevant access right be able to access.

It’s important that teachers are able to make the most of all the opportunities to support and enhance learning that educational technologies allow. Like all technologies, using Skype and Panopto will not magically improve teaching or make lessons more compelling or memorable. That is why our team’s goal is to help you effectively use all available educational technology, break the barriers that hinder your teaching ideas, and support you to have smooth teaching experience.

Besides blended learning solutions, we provide:

  • e-learning development services
  • Moodle support
  • Video production
  • Learning-related web development, graphic designs etc.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Alan Wong at or 39170374.