Online Learning and Teaching

Synchronous: Hosting a live online meeting with students.


We are pleased to inform you that IT Services (ITS) has subscribed a campus license for academic staff and students to use the Zoom video conferencing service for facilitating their work and studies.  The Zoom service should be a useful tool for supporting video conferencing between teachers and their students as it would be needed for online teaching and learning.

Zoom conferencing can be used for online meetings, classes, interviews, etc.  Staff and students can organize online meetings easily with following steps:

  1. Go to the website: (Logout your existing personal account if needed)
  2. Click the “Login” button and login with HKU Portal UID and PIN.
  3. Upon a successful login, staff and students will be assigned with a Zoom license for meeting hosting.  After that, they can start scheduling Zoom meetings.
  4. Users can download the Zoom client/app from the Zoom Download Center before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device.

Each licensed user may host one meeting at a time.  The maximum number of participants of a meeting is 300.

Please visit the useful website provided by Zoom for the necessary materials on how to get started.  A video tutorials website is also supported to provide video training on the use of the service.

In case you have questions in using the Zoom service, please contact the Zoom Help Centre or ITS Service Desk (; 3917 0123; ITS website on Zoom).

Tips for Mainland China Zoom access:

  • Please access Zoom via
  • Students will be prompted to login using their HKU Portal UID/PIN.
  • First time user in Mainland China will be asked for SMS authentication. After that, no SMS verification is required if you access the meeting via the above link with HKU login.
  • Students can access Zoom from mainland without using VPN.
  • Students had to enter meeting number directly from the Zoom software to join the meeting. It did NOT work by clicking the URL directly. The web browsers complained inaccessible websites.

Asynchronous: Uploading pre-recorded videos to Moodle


  • Try a 1-2 minute test to check the video/audio quality before starting a full lecture recording.
  • Use a standalone microphone attached to your laptop/PC or earphones with microphones for better audio quality.
  • Keep the recording to a reasonable length or separate it into sections.

Please feel free to email us with any specific requests.