Top Tips for DSE

2020 is an unusual year for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) candidates. The coronavirus outbreak caused school closures, however, the key DSE written exams would remain on schedule (based on HKEAA announcement on 25 February 2020). School closures have meant DSE candidates have missed out on critical face-to-face learning opportunities. Students have had to continue exam preparations via online lessons during the school suspension period.

2020 DSE candidates need as much support as they can get, so Tanya Kempston initiated the ‘Top Tips for DSE’ video project to try to help. She invited PGDE full-time Secondary English students to share their experience of preparing for the English ReadingWriting and Listening and Integrated Skills papers.

The videos are now ready and we’d like to let the 2020 DSE candidates know we are here to support them. Please help to share these videos via your connections and network: let’s help each other do better!