Google Drawings for Collaborative Inquiry

While Zoom Breakout Rooms can serve as a good setting to promote student interactions, student group discussions can be more focused and productive when they are invited to present their inquiry findings. Using Zoom’s Shared screens and other tools, students could work together creating visual artefacts online using Google tools like Google Drawings and share their inquiry.

In this collaborative online learning task,  students were required to design posters suggesting different kinds of professional development plans that were appropriate for beginning teachers. In their respective Breakout Rooms, students deliberated on which professional development opportunities would be most useful for beginning teachers, how these opportunities could be organized into holistic programmes, and how these programmes could be presented visually to attract the attention of their colleagues.

Through this collaborative learning activity, students engaged actively and consolidated what they had learnt about teacher professional development through Breakout Room dialogues. They also had opportunities to collaboratively develop their visual and design literacy, an often-overlooked aspect of communication for student teachers. The experience also served to develop the required skills for engaging in publicity and professional development events that student-teachers will often encounter in their future work.

These kinds of learning tasks are often carried out in face-to-face classes or take-home tasks, but the examples and artefacts show they can be conducted in Zoom classes supported through online collaborative drawings and student dialogue.