Google Drive Service in Moodle – For collecting large (multimedia) files securely (Students)

300 MB Limit on Moodle

Sharing large files between teachers and students is more and more common, especially during periods of campus closure. Multimedia files are one of the effective ways to share information, but the downside of video and other formats is the large file size. Since the maximum file size limit in HKU Moodle is 300 MB, colleagues have been seeking other, SECURE options for file sharing. Our suggestion is to employ the Google Drive service in Moodle.

Goals: Collecting large files securely

  • Allow you to upload files,
  • Allow you to share the files with authorized students (group mate) only,
  • Prevent other students (non-group mate) to view, edit or delete your files.

Step 1: Access Google Drive

Important Please make sure you are using the corresponding Google account to log in Google Drive. Please logout of your personal Google account to make it work properly.

Please click the “Courseware Folder in Google Drive” in the “Navigation“ block to access the Google drive courseware folder.

Step 2: Upload to the shared folder

You can drag and drop a file(s) to the shared folder created by your teacher.  Or, you can click on the “+New” button on the upper left corner to upload the files.  Once finished, you will see the file(s) inside the assignment folder. 

Step 3: Control the access right

Now your uploaded files can be viewed, edited and even deleted by other users in Moodle course. So you should control your access right. Select your uploaded file and right-click to select “Share”. 

 From the pop-up dialogue box, click “Advanced”.

Inside the sharing settings, please remove the student group access right so that other students cannot read, edit or remove your uploaded file. Please note that this is a very important step to secure your file on the Google drive.
You are responsible to all the access right of your uploaded file. Please carefully share the access right of the uploaded files with other students (e.g. group mate), you can invite them by email.