Google Jamboard for Visualization of Ideas and Collaborative Discussion

Students are encouraged to express different ideas and discuss with others, supported by visualization tools. Jamboard is a Google tool that can be used to promote interactive and collaborative learning – students can write their ideas onto virtual post-it notes and build on classmates’ notes with different ideas and questions. In this example, the teacher shared the screen of her Zoom desktop, on which Jamboard was open in one of the windows. Then the teacher wrote a question prompt and students were asked to write their responses to the prompt using a virtual post-it note.

In this example, involving a PGDE EI part-time group of in-service teachers, the question prompt asked them to share challenges and difficulties they may face when trying to implement differentiation. After the initial posting, the teacher asked the class how some of the difficulties posted could be dealt with. The student-teachers were invited to pick a virtual post-it note of another colour and write some possible ways forward for some of the problems presented.

Through this online activity using Zoom’s Share function, students could think about the issues collectively and their different perspectives deepened through follow-up questions and discussion on proposed solutions.

Student-teachers gave feedback indicating that they liked the activity a lot, because all of them could participate, contribute ideas, comment on one another’s notes, and think of solutions to the problems collaboratively, even in an online class.