Use of Zoom for Faculty meetings and events

Recently there are quite a number of news reports on security concerns with Zoom. Our own e-learning team has sent an email to all staff on March 25 about “keeping the Zoom meeting private”. Subsequently the Technology and Infrastructure Development Office and the University’s Information Technology Services have also written on April 3 about the matter. It is important to follow the advice in the above messages and keep the version of our Zoom app/client up-to-date.

To further safeguard the security of the Faculty meetings conducted via zoom, the Dean has agreed to make it policy that:

1.    For formal Faculty meetings to be conducted via Zoom, the meeting ID and password should be sent to participants of the meeting in two separate emails. The direct link to the Zoom meeting room containing the encrypted password should not be sent.

2.    If the meeting involves Faculty staff only, the host should select the options “Only authenticated users can join” and “Sign in with HKU SSO”. (Please see attached file “Authenticated Users.docx” showing how the options look like.) Participants must sign in with HKU SSO in order to enter the Zoom meeting room. (Please see for step-by-step sign-in instructions.)

It is also good practice to enable the waiting room feature so that attendees can only join a meeting after the host/cohost admits them. After all participants have joined the Zoom meeting room, the meeting can be locked.

For online seminars, information sessions, or other events involving participants from other Faculties and/or outside HKU, it is recommended that the organizer set up an online registration form for interested participants and send the meeting ID and password only to registrants.

Should you require any technical support for setting up Zoom meetings or signing in with HKU SSO, please contact the Technology and Infrastructure Development Office. Thank you for your attention.