Online Moodle Discussion Combined with Zoom Teaching

An example of combined on-line discussion (asynchronous)  with zoom interactive teaching (synchronous) approaches. 

1. Posting of online materials and discussion guidelines

A detailed PowerPoint including video cases was upload to Moodle to help students develop an initial understanding of the topic. The PowerPoint included additional information organizing online group discussion using different sets of questions.

Getting Started

  1. Please study the PowerPoint slides posted on Moodle Forum.
  2. Read all the slides organized into different sections and each group will discuss ONE set of questions in your designated group forum (see slide instruction). Each group will specialize on one sub-topic but you are encouraged to browse and join other groups.
  3. Please post your ideas and questions in the Group Discussion forum (Cycle 13).  All students will be required to post at least ONE note, and more posting and interaction will be better. You will engage in discussion building on peers’ ideas and sharing your understanding.
  4. In your discussion, you can use sentence openers such as “I agree with you”, “I want to add one more point”, “I have a different idea”, “I have a question”, or “I will try to apply this strategy” to enrich your dialogue.
  5. Be prepared to report on your discussion findings in Zoom class.

2. Moodle group discussion

The following excerpts illustrate student discussion on Moodle Forum and responding to others’ Moodle posts using sentence openers for deepening their understanding of the online materials.

3. Zoom interactive class for consolidation

Students’ online Moodle discussion was further deepened with Zoom interactive teaching — Students’ different ideas and questions were elicited, compared and summarized for application. 

Compiled by Anthony Cheng and Carol Chan