Video production with teleprompter

If you already have a script, we can use the teleprompter to aid you in the delivery of your presentation. It make you videos look better and help you connect with the audience through eye contact. It is much more easier for an average teacher (not a trained actor) to use it to help you with your presentation so you don’t have to memorizing large chunks of script.

Approximate production time:

  • 1-3 hours on site shooting
  • 2 weeks or more for editing and post-production


  • Script (Must)
  • Presentation slide (Optional)

Video production with teleprompter example

Ms Tanya Kempston create “Nutshell” videos as a kind of trailer for the course sessions for both F2F and online mode.

The e-Learning Team can provide:

  •  Service
    • Consultation
    • Video shooting
    • Video editing
    • Video publishing

Useful resources: