Animated videos is good for

  • introducing a concept
  • tell a story (without real actor)
  • simplify complex information

Approximate production time:

  • 4 weeks pre-production
    • From script to storyboard
    • Audio narration recording
  • 4 weeks or more for animation production


  • Script (Must)
  • Presentation slide as a visual reference (Optional)
  • For a large scale project, we would recommend a TA or research assistant with the subject act as a liaison between teaching staff and the e-learning team.

Animation production process

1. Script:

Start from key concepts or a story to develop a script. A 60-90 second animation would be equal to around 150-225 words.

2. Voiceover Recording

Voiceover is the first dimension of the animation – Time. It is important to create a voiceover that can interact with the audience with the right pace and tone.

3. Storyboard:

If voiceover is the first dimension, a storyboard is a sequence of illustrations that showcase your story in two dimensions.

It is essential to make sure the visual representation of the storyboard aligns with the key concepts. So our multimedia designer works with the subject expert (teaching staff, TA or research assistant) to faithfully convert the text-based script into a storyboard.

4. Animation

Our multimedia designer creates animation frame-by-frame with a visual style that matches your key concept. To make the visual images perfectly timed with the voiceover to make an engaging animation.

Animation involves a lot of time, so patience is key.

Animation production example

The e-learning team can provide:

  • Service
    • Consultation
    • Production advice
    • Animation production

Animation production tools