e-Learning Student Helpers

The Faculty has recruited 12 e-Learning student helpers to support teachers with online remote teaching and dual-mode teaching in classrooms. They will provide support from September 7, 2020, to November 30, 2020. 


Please visit this link to reserve your e-learning support. 


e-Learning Support

We will provide following e-Learning support and colleagues who are trying out new platforms or innovating with online tools to enhance interaction during online classes will receive priority.

Booking Detail and Procedure

  • ‚Äč30 min/slot
  • Duration options 30min, 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr, 2.5hr, 3hr
  • If the same time slot has more than one e-learning helpers indicated they are available, it will randomly select one helper to provide support. Later, we may provide options for you to choose which e-learning helpers you need.
  • E-learning helper will confirm your booking by email and CC Alan Wong alanwnl@hku.hk and elearning.edu@hku.hk. In the confirmation email, please tell us the detail of the e-learning support you need.
  • You can reserve your booking one week in advance.

You can always contact us elearning.edu@hku.hk directly to discuss any e-Learning support that you need.