Zoom tips: How to record just the shared screen, without participants’ faces?

Zoom participants may worry about their privacy, especially when they turn on their camera, and the meeting is being recorded. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure participants privacy. The Zoom host has the right to control what is being recorded. Please follow the steps to enable more control on Zoom recording.

  1. Login https://hku.zoom.us with your HKU Portal account.
  2. Settings => Recording https://hku.zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=recording
  3. Enable “Cloud recording
  4. Enable “Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately“. Enable all to allow you to have the flexibility to control all lesson recording.
    • Enable “Active speaker” this will record all active talking heads
    • Enable “Gallery view” this will record all participants heads
    • Enable “Shared screen” this will record the shared screen
  5. Disable “Record thumbnails when sharing
  6. When the Zoom lesson start, please “Record to the cloud“. 
  7. After the lesson, download the “Shared screen” video fold and upload your Panopto.

Please visit here to know more about Zoom Recording layouts