Faculty e-Learning Backpacks – iPads now available for borrowing

We have successfully secured funding to provide 27 e-Learning Backpacks (iPad Pro + Accessories) for the Faculty of Education’s teaching staff to borrow. This easily portable teaching resource will provide hardware and software to:

  • enhance laptop/desktop productivity with ipads as a second display with handwriting or drawing input;
  • support e-learning content creation (recording and editing), e.g. video recording, screen capture, digital whiteboard;
  • enhance synchronous virtual meeting capability and performance, e.g. using multiple displays/ screens; camera and processing to enable the use of virtual backgrounds;
  • provide mobile access to synchronized teaching material on HKU cloud-based storage; 
  • provide pre-installed apps (HKU supported/ approved) for teaching and learning; and
  • support ergonomics with a folding iPad stand.

However, we estimate that it will take 1-2 months for purchasing and installation of ALL items. To address the current urgent need for e-learning equipment, we propose the following borrowing options:

Option 1 (End of November): 

  • Hardware: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, a wireless mic, headphone, folding portable standing desk and lightweight travelling laptop backpack
  • Software: pre-installed popular Apps
  • Do not require personal​ Apple ID
  • The device will be managed by using Mobile Device Management (MDM) system

Option 2 (Available now):

  • Hardware: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard
  • Software: No additional pre-installed Apps
  • Borrower will have to manage the iPad with their own personal Apple ID
  • Borrower will need to already be familiar with iOS 
  • Return on 30 November 2020 or last day of teaching (to complete installation as per Option 1 above).

Given the small number of total units (27), we strongly urge teaching teams to share this resource, wherever possible, please fill in the borrowing form and we will contact you accordingly.

Please contact elearning.edu@hku.hk for more information.