e-learning tips: Zoom – Self-selecting a breakout room and Ask for help

Self-selecting a breakout room

One of the most popular functions of Zoom is the breakout rooms. But the hurdle of managing the breakout rooms is the teacher has to assign student manually into each room or pre-assign students before the lesson. There is a new function in Zoom version 5.3 that allows students to self-selecting a breakout room.

If the host has allowed participants to self-select and join breakout rooms of their choosing, participants will be able to view and select from a list of breakout rooms the host has created. They will be able to enter and leave breakout rooms freely. 

Note: All participants must update the Zoom to 5.3 or above to use the self-selecting a breakout room function. We tested when the host is 5.3 or above but the participants are 5.2 or below, the participants don’t see any option to join the breakout room by themselves. That means the host has to rollback to assign student manually into each room or pre-assign students before the lesson. 

Asking for help

During the breakout session, if students inside the breakout session want to seek help from the teacher. Participants in the breakout rooms can request that the meeting host join their meeting by clicking the Breakout Rooms button => Ask for Help button in the menu bar.

The meeting host will be prompted to join the room where the request originated from.  Select Join Breakout Room to join the room.