Enhancing Audio Quality in Hybrid Teaching Mode

We know that verbal communication is an essential part of learning and teaching. Using our voice is intuitive in face-to-face teaching and while it’s manageable in online teaching, we recognize that it can be quite challenging in hybrid teaching.

In hybrid teaching, many students join the lesson through the computer in the classroom, and the mics in the classrooms broadcast your voice to the speakers built into the ceiling. However, that mic doesn’t connect with the computer so colleagues are often restricted to staying near the front of the desktop computer so that the built-in computer mic can capture our voices online.

The e-learning team recognises this issue and is responding to the recent feedback in the HKU staff survey. We are now able to enhance your hybrid teaching experience by providing you with a wireless mic. You can simply plug-and-play the mic to your computer, laptop, or iPad using either USB or Bluetooth; we hope this can make your hybrid teaching so much easier. It is an omnidirectional mic, so the audio quality is very clear within 2-3 meters. It should give you the freedom to move around the classroom without worrying about the audio quality. Please visit this site to learn more about the mic.

We have 10 units of these wireless mic for you to borrow. You can also find out about the e-Learning Backpacks here. Please contact elearning.edu@hku.hk for more information.

Wireless Mic Setup

Take the wireless dongle from the back of the mic.
Plug it into the USB port of the computer.
Select the Jabra Link as the Microphone in Zoom. Select Same as System at the speaker if you want to us the ceiling speaker, and select Jabra Link if you want to use Jabra as the speaker.