Lecture Recording with Panopto recorder and Panopto block on Moodle

At the beginning of a lesson

  1. All classrooms are installed with Panopto Recorder and teachers can double click the Panopto program from the teacher desk computer.
  1. Login to the HKU Portal account with your HKU account
  1. Click on the “Folder” and select your course.
  1. In the “Primary Sources” box, select a video source and an audio source from your computer. The camera/audio sources in the classroom may be varied, and you can select the one that you preferred for the recording.  Please make sure that the soundbar is in the green region and check on the “Capture computer audio” box.
  1. In the “Secondary Sources” box, check the “PowerPoint” to capture only the PowerPoint, check the “Main Screen” to capture the whole computer screen.
  1. “Enable screen capture preview” at the bottom.  Finally, press the red “Record” button at the upper left corner to start the recording

At the end of a lesson

  1. After your session is finished, press the “Stop” button.
  1. A recording complete dialogue box will pop up and you may input a description and press “Upload” to proceed.

3. Please wait till the “Upload Progress” is completed and showing a “Processing” message in the status bar.

Add the Panopto Block on Moodle (only have to do it once)

  1. Login HKU Moodle at https://moodle.hku.hk/ and go to your course. Click the “Turn editing on” button under your profile pic.
  1. From the “Add a block” dialogue box on the lower right corner, select “Panopto”.
  1. All recordings will be shown in the Panopto dialogue box according to the time sequence.  Clicking on the link(s) will bring you to the video(s) accordingly.  You only need to enable this Moodle Panopto block once and it will stay there in your course.
  1. By default, only the enrolled students in your Moodle course can view the video recordings
  1. And only the course admin has the right to download the videos.