In the past months, the team collaborated with teachers to explore the possibility of applying technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. We would like to share the case studies here:

ClickShare  PGDE



Evaluation of the ClickShare in SHS PBL tutorials


To enhance the in class sharing, collaboration and interaction between students and teacher.




We evaluated a wireless presentation system, ClickShare, in the PBL tutorials. Both student and teacher shared materials from their devices to the big screen in a class concurrently at their own pace. Moodle plugin Flexible Sections format is introduced to the HKU Moodle to shorten the menu bar for the PBL sections.


Both teacher and students feedback are positive. We would like to propose installing of the ClickShare system in all PBL classrooms to enhance the learning and teaching.



Enhance learning activities in a PGDE class


To enhance teaching and learning experiences with technologies.


We participated and explored the learning activities in a PGDE class.


A certain technologies are suggested such as Padlet, Conceptbaord (an app available on Chrome browser Web Store) for student collaboration not only in class, also can let them to continue discussion or enhancement out of the class. Peer review function in Moodle (an activity called “Workshop”) could be used to motivate student learning also.



If you would like to know more about the case studies above or would like to explore how technologies can enhance your teaching or student learning, please contact us at