Level 1

To accelerate implementations of efficient and cost-effective online access to learning resources for students, the e-Learning Team provides Moodle consultation services. The team continues to work with teachers to experiment with new features via the EDU Moodle. In addition to Learning Management System (LMS) support, the team also designs, produces and develops online learning materials including learning videos, online assessments, websites, and e-curriculum maps for the Faculty and our students.

Level 2

One goal here is to heighten online interactions between teachers and students. As our teachers become more and more familiar with the basic Moodle functions, the e-Learning Team is shifting its focus to resolving queries related to more advanced features to support faculty-student learning interactions. Examples include implementing:

  • customized learning analytics;
  • virtual learning environments such as ActiveWorlds; and
  • ready-for-use apps and tools to integrate in face-to-face learning activities.

Level 3

Part One – Within the Faculty

To pursue higher levels of attainment of technology integration in learning and teaching, the e-Learning Team helps faculty to transcend the current (Level 1) online learning materials into innovative blended and technology-enhanced pedagogies (Level 3).

For example, by producing videos for flipped classroom designs, and online learning activity integration such as pre-lecture quizzes, teachers can free up face-to-face time for active, interactive and collaborative learning, transforming learning spaces and experiences.

Part Two – Beyond the Faculty

The e-Learning Team supports learning and teaching initiatives that support internationalization of the curriculum and ‘blue’ sky’ experimentation.

Examples include using video conferencing for synchronous and asynchronous online interactions with students and teachers in Hong Kong and across the globe as well as supporting development of innovative curriculum designs for flexible delivery to a wide range of students and teaching partners across the globe.