The e-Learning Team supports the implementation of the Faculty’s e-Learning Strategy which aligns with HKU’s e-Learning Policy. We are a one-stop support unit with e-learning pedagogical expertise coupled with design, production and implementation capabilities. We help you enhance student learning by:

Promoting Innovative Pedagogical Models


Assist faculty members to create flexible and innovative designs such as blended learning, flipped classroom, and mixed-mode delivery for a modern learning experience.

Providing Consultation Services


Provide one-on-one, teaching team, or program-level consultation and technical assistance , with a possible escalation into  further implementation and development assistance.

Supporting Project Development and Implementation


Support development and implementation of innovative projects, and capitalise on Faculty e-learning research findings and tools (e.g. advanced Moodle functions and plugins, eCurriculum map, Diastemas peer review platform etc).

Developing Faculty e-Learning Capabilities


Provide a series of e-learning workshops helping colleagues leverage technology for enhanced teaching and learning.