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e-Learning Workshop – Learning Beyond the Classroom with Skype for Business

Learning should not be confined to the classroom. Technology can enable students to learn everywhere and anytime. This is particularly useful in uncertain circumstances (e.g. unstable weather conditions, transportation delays) when students and teachers may not be able to gather together physically. HKU Skype for business is one of the solutions for you to extend your teaching beyond the classroom.

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Welcome to the start of the 2019-20 academic year!

Welcome to the start of the 2019-20 academic year!

Our e-Learning Team is committed to the implementation of the Faculty’s e-Learning Strategy and aims to support the use of educational technologies to enhance your students’ learning experiences.

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e-Learning Workshop – Panopto

Our students want anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of learning resources. Lecture capture videos can complement their face-to-face learning by helping them to check their understanding and to review challenging concepts repeatedly and at their own pace. Using Panopto to create lecture capture videos is easy. HKU Panopto videos can be easily viewed over the web by students, especially from linked Moodle courses.

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Moodle Clinic –Progress Bar – Track Students Progress at a Glance

Are you tracking your students’ learning progress by clicking on every single submitted assignment or every forum post in Moodle? Now there is a way to track students’ progress at a glance without countless clicking and excess page navigating. The ‘Progress Bar’ block is a time management tool that provides teachers and students with a visual display of their engagement with or completion of selected activities and resources. The Progress Bar visually displays both the range of activities/resources and level of student interaction and is designed to be a useful support for feedback and evaluation. Additionally, the overview page provides teachers with a holistic view of the progress of all students in a class, which may be one helpful indicator for identifying students at risk.

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Interview with Prof. Lee Wing On

The e-Learning Team support The Division of Chinese Language and Literature (CLL) to videotape an interview with Prof. Lee Wing On, the Principal Professor of Chengzhou University is now visiting our Faculty, as the External Examiner of our double degree program (LangEd – Chinese). He is a very famous scholar and also very influential in the educational field. We are very lucky that Prof. Lee has accepted our invitation and do the interview for us.

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Moodle Clinic – Gamify your Moodle Course with Badges

Badges are visual representations of achievements and competencies. Moodle Badges are a great motivation and engagement tool to award students for their progress and hard work. It is a simple, yet effective way of accrediting learning. Moodle badges are versatile. They can be obtained automatically, or they can be manually awarded by the teacher; they can be presented for completing a given learning activity, set of activities or completing at least one activity of a set. Why not join our workshop to earn a badge?

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e-Learning Innovator Seminar – Behind the Scenes with Flipped Classrooms

The flipped (or ‘inverted’) classroom approach aims for enhanced student engagement with subject content encountered prior to attending face-to-face classes and classroom time reserved for active approaches to learning. ‘Flipping’ with video recordings or online learning materials involves significant preparation. In the past year, two of our colleagues, Dr Mairin Hennebry (Investigating Individual and Group Differences in Language Learning) and Professor Brendan Weekes (Neurology and Neuroscience) have worked closely with the Faculty’s e-learning team to re-design these two very different courses to ‘flip’ content and rethink classroom practices. Our speakers and e-learning team will walk you through the process of restructuring a course, preparing online learning materials, and implementing the flipped classroom approach. They will address key questions such as:

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